Footstep Taft GT |rocky|feroza | Fourtrack 050315

footstep Taft  Feroza 05031501

footstep Taft  Feroza 05031502

footstep Taft  Feroza 05031503


Harga : Footstep Call
Google Talk:
Telp / whatsapp : 082114203111


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1 Response to Footstep Taft GT |rocky|feroza | Fourtrack 050315

  1. yudha says:

    pengen tanya pak
    1. ini bahanya pipa seamlesh atau biasa pak?
    2. tebal berapa mm pak?
    3. diameter pipanya berapa inch pak?
    4. harganya berapa ya pak?
    terimaksih atas informasinya

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